Welcome to Lindéngruppen
Lindéngruppen is a family business focusing on long-term development of industrial companies.
We own companies that are leaders – or have the potential to become leaders – in well-defined markets. We see innovation as key to achieving and maintaining that leadership.

We believe in being active owners, which means taking responsibility not only for our companies and their employees, but also for the world around us.
Our Story
Lindéngruppen was founded by Ulf G. Lindén and is now owned by his daughter Jenny Lindén Urnes. Our objective has always been long-term value creation through active and responsible ownership.
Our Businesses
Our core strategic holdings are Beckers, a global leader in industrial coatings; ColArt, the largest global supplier of artist materials; and Höganäs, the world's leading manufacturer of metal powders. We also own some smaller companies specialising in, for example, premium textiles.
Our Commitments
We devote time and resources to a number of non-profit projects because we believe we have a responsibility to engage with local and global communities.