How we create societal value

Lindéngruppen aims to have positive impact and create shared and sustained societal value through our companies. We want to enable each company in the Group to work actively to maximise its benefits in terms of economic, environmental and social impact and minimise its negative impact.

Over time we want all our companies to develop Sustainable Business Models that are purpose-based and create long term value for Owners, People and the Planet. An important part of this is to work in our own operations but also in partnership with our suppliers and with our customers and end-users to deliver sustainable solutions throughout the value chain.

To achieve Sustainable Business Models, we have developed a broader value-creation model that measure financial value creation as well as the value we take and create for the planet and people. The value creation model assigns scientifically measurable financial costs to our impact. It will help future-proof our business as we fully incorporate sustainability in the business.