Lindéngruppen Today

Lindéngruppen is a second-generation family business, focusing on the sustainable and long-term development of industrial companies. As an active owner, we provide visionary leadership and empower our companies to transform their industries.

At Lindéngruppen, we want our companies to be leaders in their markets and industries. This means that they need to exhibit the financial strength, product quality and ambition level that define market leaders. Sustainable growth is a prerequisite for investing in accelerated innovation and transformation, and thereby increasing the total value we create in line with our Value Creation Model. This is reflected in our financial targets, which are set to maintain growth and profit levels in a way that support the Group’s strategic 2030 targets and enable our companies to attain increased future market shares.

To realise this, we take an active-ownership approach, based on four pillars:

Sustainable investments
Lindéngruppen is responsible for the Group’s long-term financing. We allocate capital for our companies’ larger investments in, for example, manufacturing processes and market and product development. We can also allocate capital for acquisitions. All investment decisions consider financial, environmental, social and governance criteria and assess potential long-term value and possible negative impacts.

Lindéngruppen works through a decentralised governance model that promotes fast decision-making and reflects our view that the best business decisions are made close to customers and the market. We prepare and establish the prerequisites for top-tier strategy development and board work, both within Lindéngruppen and our companies. Our boards and management teams have clear mandates, aligned with our purpose and values and the strategic direction of the Group.

Our influence as owners is exercised through the boards and senior management of each company. Ensuring that we attract and retain the best possible people to these positions is our top priority. They in turn are responsible for fostering customer-centric organisations with an ability to embrace change. We actively empower individuals and nurture competence, particularly through our strategic partnerships, which bring novel insights and perspectives, as well as hands-on, topic-specific expertise.

Innovating for a regenerative future
Being an active owner means that we lead our companies by building knowledge, giving mandates and inspiring to drive change based on clear values and direction. We promote transformation through innovation that creates value for customers and society at large and reduces negative impact. Our ownership allows businesses to plan long-term and to be supported throughout economic cycles. Full company control enables the ability to prioritise products and solutions with significant positive impact.