Lindéngruppen Today

Lindéngruppen is a second-generation family business focusing on sustainable long-term development of industrial companies.

We empower our companies to prosper and lead the transformation to a sustainable world. We want our companies to be leaders, or have the potential to become leaders, in their markets and industries. We are convinced that sustainability leadership is an integral part of long-term success. 

As a family business, we have a strong set of values:

Authenticity – being authentic in everything we do – we live by our values and respect the integrity of others.

Curiosity – having the courage and curiosity to create space for innovation and ideas that stretch our view of what is possible.

Long-term view – investing long term in companies that create value in order to lead the transition to a sustainable world.  

We empower people, nurture competence and expand networks because the people in our business are key to our success. It is by working together and in partnerships we reach our purpose. We inspire and enable our businesses to drive change through innovation. 

We work with a decentralised governance structure whereby our boards and managements have clear mandates aligned with our purpose and values.

In 2020 Lindéngruppen’s wholly owned companies had a combined turnover of approximately 7.6 billion SEK and 2,922 co-workers. Höganäs had a turnover of 8.6 billion SEK and 2,419 co-workers.

Lindéngruppen is based at Bruksgården in Höganäs, Sweden. Jenny Lindén Urnes is Chair of the Board and Paul Schrotti is CEO. 

The company was founded by Ulf G. Lindén in the mid-eighties. Lindéngruppen is shaped by his conviction that investing in people, innovation and the environement is essential for long-term success.

From left: Radwan Riyad Fallaha, Mats Hansson, Joacim Björk, Mona-Lill Amundsen, Charlotte Hertander, Lars Gunnar Schultz, Paul Schrotti, Maria Gunnarsson, Lars Fex, Susann Sjöberg, Johan Hansson, Kathery Razo, Jenny Johansson