Lindéngruppen Today

Lindéngruppen is a second-generation family business focusing on sustainable long-term development of industrial companies.

Our purpose is to empower our companies to prosper and lead the transformation to a sustainable world. This purpose is reflected in our overarching strategy which is to expand our positive impact by strengthening Group companies, making them sector leaders in the transformation to a sustainable world. To realise this, we take an active-ownership approach, based on four pillars:

Governance: We have a decentralised governance structure in which our boards and management teams have clear mandates that are closely aligned with our purpose and values, and thereby striking the right balance between decentralised, agile and results-oriented companies, and a robust structure that builds trust and resilience.

Capital: We integrate environmental, social and governance criteria in our investment decisions, and thereby ensure that investments create long-term value.

Competence: We empower people in our businesses, nurture their competence and expand their networks, and thereby we attract and retain the right competence for our businesses.

Empowering positive impact: We inspire and enable our businesses to drive change through curiosity and innovation. This enables us to add value to customers and society.