Board of Directors

Jenny Lindén Urnes


Born 1971
BA (Phil)

Chair of Färgfabriken Foundation. Board member of Becker Industrial Coatings Holding AB, Colart International Holdings Ltd, Moorbrook Textiles Ltd, Uppstart Helsingborg and Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN).

Previous positions:
CEO Lindéngruppen AB, Chair and CEO of AB Wilh. Becker.

Erik Urnes

Vice Chair

Born 1971
BEng (Mechanical Engineering), MBA

Chair of Bintel AB and SensCom AS. Board member of Höganäs AB.

Previous positions:
Chair of Becker Industrial Coatings Holding AB and Colart International Holdings Ltd. CEO Lindéngruppen AB, senior positions at Lindéngruppen companies, Invest Manager Reuters Greenhouse Fund and Strategy Consultant Bain & Company.

Urban Jansson

Board member

Born 1945
Certified banking economist

Chair of EAB and 365id. Board member of Carmona and Fredblad Arkitekter AB.

Previous positions:
Senior positions within SEB and Incentive Group, Vice Chair of SEB, CEO of Ratos AB, Chair of Rezidor Hotel Group, Board Member of SAS, Clas Ohlson and Höganäs AB.

Mikael Ohlsson

Board member

Born 1957

Non-executive director of Ikano SA and The Royal Schiphol Group.

Previous positions:
Board member of NED Tesco plc 2014-2021, Member of Nomination Committee Volvo Car AB, Vice Chair Volvo Car AB, President and CEO of IKEA Group 2009-2013, member of IKEA Group executive management group 1995-2013 and various other positions at IKEA since 1979. 

Charlotte Strömberg

Board member

Born 1959
MBA, Stockholm School of Economics

Chair of Castellum AB, Board member of Clas Ohlson AB, Kinnevik AB and Sofina S.A., member of The Swedish Securities Council, Co-Founder DHS Ventures and angel investor.

Previous positions:
Board member of Skanska, GANT, 4th AP Fund, Rezidor, Swedbank, Intrum, Boomerang, Ratos, Bonnier Holding and Karolinska Institute, CEO JLL Nordics, Head of Carnegie Investment Banking, Senior advisor Alfred Berg, ABN AMRO.

Paul Schrotti


Born 1967
LL.M (Master of Laws)

Chair of Becker Industrial Coatings Holding AB and Colart International Holdings Ltd. Board member of Lindéngruppen AB, Höganäs AB, Axel Johnson International AB and Senior Advisor to Keyhaven Capital Partners Ltd. 

Previous positions:
Axel Johnson, EQT Partners, KPMG, Electrolux and IKEA.