Beckers is a global industrial coatings company specialising in coil coatings and industrial coatings for metal. Beckers also provides finishes for consumer electronics and lifestyle appliances.


Beckers is one of the world's leading suppliers of coil coatings used in the construction industry and appliance manufacturing. Beckers supplies industrial coatings for agricultural, construction and earthmoving equipment and for other industrial applications. Beckers also supplies finishes for consumer electronics and lifestyle appliances. In 2020, Beckers reported sales of 5.853 mSEK and had 1,741 co-workers in 24 locations in 21 countries.


Beckers got its name from Carl Wilhelm Becker, a German chemist. He realised that there was little competition for consumer paint in Sweden, and set up shop in Stockholm in 1865. Over the years Beckers has grown both organically and through acquisitions. In 1985 the Lindén family became sole owners of AB Wilh. Becker. Beckers Group was formerly known as Becker Industrial Coatings, a business area of AB Wilh. Becker. 


Beckers is a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of Lindéngruppen and headquartered in Berlin, Germany. 

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