The Colart Group is the global parent company of the world’s most popular art material brands. Taking inspiration from artists to create innovative products, Colart fuels creativity not just for professional artists but for all creative industries and individuals. From supporting emerging artists through its residency programme to developing cadmium-free colours, Colart’s mission is to provide sustainable, creative tools and services to release pure expression. The Colart group employs around 1,500 people in 16 countries and its products are sold in over 120 countries worldwide.


Colart’s portfolio includes Winsor & Newton, Reeves, Lefranc &
Bourgeois, Liquitex, Conté à Paris, Snazaroo and Elephant; and the group is
sole distributor of Arches paper. The portfolio enables Colart to reach
creatives all over the world, from professional artists to children who are
just beginning to explore their creativity.

Colart employs 1,500 people with subsidiaries operating in 16 countries and are supported by a cohesive international network of independent distributors. Altogether, Colart products are sold in over 120 countries worldwide. In 2017, the company reported sales of SEK 1,636m.


Artists' colours have been part of Becker's business since 1873. The
company acquired Lefranc & Bourgeois in 1982, followed by Winsor &
Newton in 1990. Colart was formed as a separate business area focused on
artists' materials in 1991, since then the group has become a market driver,
acquiring one of the leading Chinese artists materials factories in 1997,
Liquitex in 2000, Snazaroo in 2005 and most recently the quarterly Art &
Culture magazine, Elephant.



Colart is a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of Lindéngruppen, the
Head Office is in London, UK.

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