Making a difference to our community through football


Lindéngruppen is the lead sustainability partner of the professional football club in Helsingborg, which means working together on long-term projects that benefit the city and the surrounding region.

Photo: Anna Berg

Helsingborgs IF (Helsingborgs Idrottsförening), known as HIF, is a Swedish professional football club in Helsingborg. The club wants to make a difference in society and places great importance on its strategic partnership with Lindéngruppen.

“As our lead sustainability partner, Lindéngruppen is an active member of our sustainability advisory board and they have provided valuable input to help us develop and prioritise our sustainability work,” explains Anna Eklund, Sustainability Manager at HIF. “Together, we ensure that resources are deployed in the right place, that they lead to concrete activities and produce measurable results.”

From a Lindéngruppen perspective, our commitment to local community is strengthened through the partnership with HIF. It also provides a valuable platform for collaboration on sustainability topics with other partners in the Helsingborg region.

“Engaging with our community is a natural part of our work, and we are proud to be a long-term partner of HIF. We understand the importance the club has for the region and are happy that we can make a meaningful difference in local community together”, says Jenny Johansson, Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer at Lindéngruppen.

Stronger together

HIF’s sustainability programme – Stronger Together – is based on five focus areas: Health, Inclusion, Employment Opportunities, Collaboration, and Environment/Climate. Their work includes school visits, promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles among young people, and activities related to inclusion and integration by working with groups that risk being excluded from society. HIF also implements community investment projects and strives to create opportunities for disadvantaged Helsingborg residents.

Positive impact through football

Football has always had the ability to unite and bring people together. In addition to their local association to Helsingborg, football brings Lindéngruppen and HIF together on benefitting our community.

“Football is a world language, and we know that a well-functioning football club with a broad perspective can create belonging, identity and sense of community. HIF means a lot to Helsingborg, and we want to be involved in amplifying its positive impact,” says Johansson.

“Having such a respected and professional organisation as Lindéngruppen as a main partner inspires us to raise our game on sustainability,” concludes Eklund. “Lindéngruppen is a very engaged partner that is truly interested in what we’re doing. I really appreciate that they place tough demands on us as it drives us to do even better.”