Lindéngruppen's annual Sustainability Meeting 2019


Sustainability Directors from Colart, Beckers, Höganäs and Alex Begg gathered in London on December 3 for Lindéngruppen's annual Sustainability Meeting.

From left: Paul Schrotti, Beth Forson, Ian Whiteford, Jakob Trollbäck, Lars Gunnar Schultz, Jenny Johansson, Nicklas Augustsson, Ajita Chamberlin and Nicklas Lång.

The theme of this year's Sustainability Meeting was “The decade of delivery 2020-2030” and focus was on taking concrete steps to deliver on the Lindéngruppen purpose of “owning and developing successful companies to lead the transition towards a sustainable world”.

The first session centered around three distinctive concrete actions shaping our ability to deliver on the purpose:

·        Reporting – painting a broader picture

·        Impact investing – ESG criteria in new investment

·        Setting goals both for the group and the individual companies

In the afternoon concrete cases where used in order to describe progress, and to continue to inspire for improvements and new initiatives. Alex Begg presented their work on Children’s rights and Höganäs presented the relaunch of its Code of Conduct, including the new whistleblower function “Speak up!”.

The final part of the day was led by external guest Jakob Trollbäck who presented different tools and strategies for how to work with the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets. The conference was concluded by Jakob leading a workshop on developing a Lindéngruppen Sustainability Framework Playbook.

The Playbook will be rooted in Lindéngruppen Sustainability Framework, but it will also provide tools and ideas for how the group, its companies and our partners can speed up activities in different areas. The idea is to create an instrument that can get initiatives moving and foster real engagement for truly transforming processes.