Lindéngruppen renews sustainable development research collaboration


Lindéngruppen extends its cooperation with Blekinge Institute of Technology (Blekinge Tekniska Högskola – BTH) on sustainable development.

Blekinge Institute of Technology school

Long-term strategic collaboration on sustainability

The collaboration with BTH began with Lindéngruppen’s founder Ulf G Lindén – born in Karlskrona, Blekinge – who had an important role in the establishment and early development of BTH. More recently, Lindéngruppen has cooperated with BTH on sustainable development research since 2016 and has now extended the collaboration until 2025 with an additional SEK 12.5 million investment.

”At Lindéngruppen, we take a science-based approach to sustainability and work according to the methodology for strategic sustainable development that BTH leads research on,” says Jenny Johansson, Lindéngruppen’s Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer. “A long-term partnership with BTH is therefore a natural part of our commitment to sustainability.”

“The extended collaboration with Lindéngruppen is a fantastic recognition for BTH’s excellence in the area of sustainability as well as for our relevance to the business community,” says Mats Viberg, Vice-Chancellor of the Blekinge Institute of Technology. “It is also in line with BTH’s DNA around applied research and collaboration.”

Research to benefit business and society

“This collaboration with Lindéngruppen is a recognition of the importance of our work and is an opportunity to deepen our research, to the benefit not only of Lindéngruppen but also for business and society at large,” says Professor Göran Broman, Science Director at the BTH Department of Strategic Sustainable Development. “It is a real privilege for us to learn together with a group of companies that work so seriously with these important issues.”

An example of research within this strategic collaboration is a joint doctoral project with a focus on how companies like Lindéngruppen can empower their employees to be changemakers for sustainability. The PhD Candidate is Elaine Daly and her research question is: “How might a parent company support its group companies to mobilize, empower and continuously support employees to excel as active changemakers, to enable transformational shifts towards sustainable business?” The research began in 2021 and will continue to 2025.

About BTH

BTH is one of Sweden’s leading academic institutions within the field of sustainability. BTH recently established its new vision and strategy. The vision is “a better world through knowledge, competence and innovation in digitalisation and sustainability.” A close collaboration with business and society has always permeated both research and teaching at BTH, with Lindéngruppen as a shining example.

The Department of Strategic Sustainable Development at BTH conducts research, teaching and collaboration with a focus on leadership and innovation within sustainability. The department supports companies, municipalities and other organisations that want to work strategically with sustainability. BTH attracts partners and students from all over the world and is highly rated in third-party assessments.

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