Lindéngruppen publishes its first integrated Annual and Sustainability Report


Lindéngruppen’s first integrated Annual Report and Sustainability Report shows how the Group’s operations are ‘symbiotic’ and introduces a pioneering new value creation model.

Photo from Färgfabriken exhibition Symbiosis. Åsa Cederqvist, The Source, 2021. Video installation. Photo: Johan Österholm.
Photo from Färgfabriken exhibition Symbiosis. Åsa Cederqvist, The Source, 2021. Video installation. Photo: Johan Österholm.

The report presents Lindéngruppen, its purpose and values, and how it adapts to the changing world. It describes how Lindéngruppen creates value, both financially and for the planet and our societies, and how this is driving towards the Group’s sustainability goals for 2030.

“We are proud, for the first time in the history of Lindéngruppen, to present an integrated Annual Report and Sustainability Report,” says Paul Schrotti, Lindéngruppen CEO. “We have taken major steps forward during 2021. By setting Group targets for 2030 and developing a Value Creation Model that enables us to measure and value our economic, environmental, and social impact on society, we have accelerated our journey to fulfil our purpose and transform our business.”

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Highlights from the report

  • New Value Creation Model introduced – Lindéngruppen has developed a new Value Creation Model that will enable the Group to better measure its economic, environmental and social impact
  • Colart products in high demand during pandemic – Colart’s brands remained highly sought after as national lockdowns boosted consumer engagement with art. Sales increased by 10 per cent and profits continued to improve
  • Höganäs implements climate neutrality roadmap – The Höganäs roadmap implementation project identified 170 emission reduction actions throughout the business that are equivalent to almost 90 per cent of the company’s scope 1 and 2 emissions
  • Global employee engagement at Beckers – Beckers conducted their first global employee engagement survey with a 94 per cent participation rate
  • First Alex Begg products with recycled yarn – In 2021, Alex Begg launched a variety of patchwork blankets and CashAyr scarves and throws created from upcycled and deadbatch products, which increases the lifespan of the original fibres

Report theme: Symbiosis

This report is inspired by the project and exhibition ‘Symbiosis’ at Färgfabriken. Symbiosis is Greek and can be translated as ‘living with’. The original meaning is a biological description of two organisms being mutually dependent on each other. For Lindéngruppen the concept of symbiosis captures how we relate to the world around us and create value together with our companies and partners.

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