Lindéngruppen involved in an ActionLab to launch guidance on children’s rights


Global Child Forum held a Digital ActionLab on 8 October, to launch a business guidance workbook on children’s rights that Lindéngruppen played an active role in developing. Lindéngruppen owner Jenny Lindén Urnes was one of the speakers at the ActionLab.

Two kids sitting at a table playing

Inspiring businesses on children’s rights

Together with Global Child Forum (GCF) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Lindéngruppen has developed a workbook (Children's Rights and Business Workbook) that aims to guide businesses on how to implement a children’s rights perspective in business decision-making.

The workbook is a hands-on guide for CEOs and sustainability managers to navigate existing frameworks. It is intended to be an inspiring and easy way to help companies understand and integrate a children’s rights perspective into their business processes.

Lindéngruppen companies take the lead

Lindéngruppen’s Group companies Beckers, Colart, Höganäs and Alex Begg have all worked with Global Child Forum to evaluate their impact on children and how they engage with children’s rights. The work has for example resulted in employee training programmes, mentoring programmes for children from less privileged communities and marketing impact assessments.

Comments from the ActionLab

The ActionLab entitled ‘A Changing Climate for Children’s Rights and Business – The Advantages for Business to Engage with Children’s Rights’ promotes the children’s rights perspective among the business community. 

At the ActionLab representatives from Beckers, Alex Begg and Colart presented their findings for example that what we do every day affects children in one way or the other – their parents work in our companies, they may use our products and they live in our communities. It might sound obvious, but realising this has been the starting point and that led us to identify children as a key stakeholder group.

Adopting a children’s rights perspective is an important step towards sustainability that can bring long-term positive benefits to companies, their people and of course to the children themselves.

Our hope is that the workbook will inspire and enable many other companies to adopt a children’s rights perspective.

See the digital ActionLab here: