Lindéngruppen Global Management Conference 2023


The Lindéngruppen Global Management Conference (LGMC) is an annual event which brings together the top leadership in our Group. The theme this year was the relationship between leadership and inner development.

Paul Schrotti, CEO; Jenny Lindén Urnes, Owner and Chair; and Fabio Pedrazzi, Executive Vice President of Lindéngruppen

The conference serves as an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas among colleagues, during workshops and panels, but also in informal settings.

We started the conference with attending the Inner Development Goals Summit for the second time to get inspiration from external thought leaders, including Dan Siegel, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA. The Summit was organised by the Inner Development Goals (IDG) initiative, a non-profit research project focused on developing the capabilities, qualities and skills needed to achieve the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The second day was an internal session where we focused on the current state of affairs, panel discussions on leadership and innovation, and our way forward. During the afternoon we joined Harvard professor Robert Kegan’s digital workshop ‘Immunity to Change’.

                         A slideshow with photos taken during the day at Färgfabriken

The conference was held on 11-12 October in Stockholm, Sweden. The second day we were at Färgfabriken, an exhibition space for contemporary art and architecture, where we experienced “Whatever lives bends down”, by Nabbteeri.