Höganäs third-party verifies its first metal powder carbon footprint


The carbon footprint of the Somaloy 5P product family was verified by a third-party assessment to add further credibility to Höganäs’ product specific carbon footprint studies.

Sofia Poulikidou, LCA specialist at Group Sustainability, Höganäs.

The carbon footprint of Somaloy 5P is the first at Höganäs to be externally reviewed by an independent third party.

“With carbon footprint data being increasingly requested by customers, the Somaloy third-party verification demonstrates that our data is credible,” says Sofia Poulikidou, LCA specialist at Group Sustainability at Höganäs.

Carbon transparency drives decarbonisation

Höganäs are proactively working to offer carbon footprints for a wide range of products, as demands for product specific environmental impact data are increasingly becoming the new normal within the industry.

They also aim to complete more comprehensive life cycle analysis (LCA) assessments that include wider sustainability metrics and environmental impact categories in the future. A life cycle perspective brings Höganäs closer to its suppliers and customers and promotes collaboration to create more sustainable value chains.

“Providing more data for our products will support our customers in their sustainability and climate ambitions, which will support them in meeting their customer demands,” says Poulikidou. “Our customers can also use our sustainability data to further improve their product and production development processes to decrease their climate and environmental impacts.”

What is Somaloy?

Somaloy® is Höganäs’ trademark for Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC) powders with unique 3D flux properties. Somaloy has been developed for component manufacturing for high-performance electromagnetic applications – including the motors of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The footprint followed the ISO 14067:2018 carbon footprint standard and was in accordance with International Standards on life cycle assessment – ISO 14040 and ISO 14044.