Alex Begg welcomes Bruno Guillon as new board member


Bruno Guillon, who became a board member in March 2021, brings extensive business management experience that will help Alex Begg with its future development.

Bruno Guillon, board member in Alex Begg.

Guillon has a long experience from the retail and fashion industries and is currently Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Plastic Energy, a world leading pioneer in the chemical recycling of end-of-life plastic waste. He is also a Non-Executive Board Member at Ashmei and Passoni Titanium Italia, which offers high-performance athletic apparel. Guillon has previous CEO and senior management experience at Mulberry Company and Hermes.

“Alex Begg combines craftmanship excellence with unparalleled creativity and an ambitious sustainability philosophy – to provide enormous opportunities in the bespoke business but also for the Begg x Co Brand,” says Guillon. “I am extremely excited to collaborate in such a unique project and will do my best to support Alex Begg’s expansion drawing on my experience in brand management, multi-channel distribution and sustainable growth.”

Challenges and opportunities in the industry

With his broad experience in the retail and luxury fashion industry, Guillon provides unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that face Alex Begg going forward.

“Firstly, luxury brands are facing a growing demand for creativity and product uniqueness, and there are challenges related to online business, global distribution and the brand capacity to provide a unique experience,” says Guillon. “Sustainability and carbon footprint are also key issues for the fashion industry, although I believe that Alex Begg is already really well positioned here to capitalise on a range of opportunities, from fabric and packaging to carbon emissions and recycling opportunities.”

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