Acquisition brings knitting craftmanship to Alex Begg


Lindéngruppen company Alex Begg has bought the trade and assets of world-renowned knitwear producer Scott & Charters, strengthening both companies offer to their customers.

Alex Begg knitwear garments

Acquiring craftsmanship

Scott & Charters produces quality knitwear garments and is based in southern Scotland. The company is built on the skills and craftsmanship of its employees that are honed by years of experience and knowledge. The company has its manufacturing site in the town of Hawick, which has an international reputation for luxury knitted and woven products.

In November 2020, all Scott & Charters’ equipment, stock and 37 employees were transferred to Alex Begg. The two businesses will operate as separate entities and continue to serve their respective customers as before. 

Scott & Charters is a maker of finest quality knitwear from materials such as cashmere and merino wool, which clearly complements Alex Begg’s range of quality woven products. “The acquisition broadens our offering of the highest quality products using the best materials – regardless of whether they are woven or knitted,” says Ian Laird Chief Executive at Alex Begg.

Belief in the enduring demand for high-quality beautiful products

Alex Begg’s acquisition of Scott & Charters’ trade and assets demonstrates the ambition to further broaden its business and a belief in the long-term demand for beautiful products made by skilled people.  

“Even during these challenging times in the midst of a global pandemic, we are convinced in the long-term appreciation and demand for craftsmanship,” says Laird. “I would say this is part of our approach as a forward-looking company focussed on creating a better and more sustainable future.”

Indeed, both companies already work proactively on sustainability with a focus on their workforce, animal welfare and supply chains.

Photo of Ian Laird, Chief Executive at Alex Begg (to the left) and the team.

Stronger together

“As Alex Begg and Scott & Charters already share some customers and raw material suppliers, we will look into synergies that can optimise our business and add further customer value,” says Laird. “We will also be able to create a stronger, more diversified business with each company focused on their specific markets. The current customers will not notice any major difference, but will have the benefit of a stronger and broader offer.”

Scott & Charters has struggled with profitability in recent years, but Alex Begg believes the business can be turned around. “We appreciate there are market challenges, but we see Scott & Charters as a long-term strategic acquisition that complements our business, and we believe we can navigate short-term uncertainty to make the business into the success it deserves to be.”