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Lindéngruppen wishes Happy Holidays with Médecins Sans Frontières

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) makes a difference in the world. We want to do that too. Therefore, we support their life-saving work.

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@ Global Child Forum

Global Child Forum 10-year anniversary

For a decade, Global Child Forum has been working to promote children’s rights – focusing primarily on engaging the business sector to drive positive change for the world’s children.

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From left: Paul Schrotti, Beth Forson, Ian Whiteford, Jakob Trollbäck, Lars Gunnar Schultz, Jenny Johansson, Nicklas Augustsson, Ajita Chamberlin and Nicklas Lång.

Lindéngruppen's annual Sustainability Meeting 2019

Sustainability Directors from Colart, Beckers, Höganäs and Alex Begg gathered in London on December 3 for Lindéngruppen's annual Sustainability Meeting.

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Lindéngruppen Global Management Conference 2019

On 8 October the management teams of Lindéngruppen and its companies convened in Stockholm for its third annual Global Management Conference.

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Photographer: Hasse Andersson

Höganäs praised for its work on gender equality

The Industry Council (Industrirådet) awarded its annual equality award for 2019 to Höganäs. Höganäs is praised for its extensive and strategic work for gender equality, both at the company and in the industry as a whole. The award was presented by Åsa Lindhagen - Minister of Gender Equality - during The Industrial day in Sandviken.

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Mikael Bratt new board member of Höganäs AB

Mikael Bratt, President and CEO of automotive safety supplier Autoliv Inc, Stockholm, Sweden, joins the Höganäs AB Board.

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Photographer: Tom Harmon

New Colart facility in the US

The ultra-modern hub, located in Piscataway, New Jersey, was formally opened on 15th May 2019 by Colart CEO Dennis van Schie and Lindéngruppen CEO Paul Schrotti. Flexible, energy efficient and cross-functional, the new space is home to the regional head office teams, the North America distribution centre and two new artist studios.

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Lindéngruppen Sustainability Report 2018

Lindéngruppen Sustainability Report 2018

Lindéngruppen has produced its second sustainability report. The report presents how we integrate relevant social, environmental and economic priorities into our business and across the companies in our group.

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Theresa Traore Dahlberg receives the 2019 Beckers Art Award

The film maker and artist Theresa Traore Dahlberg is the 2019 recipient of the Beckers Art Award.

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Lindéngruppen wishes Happy Holidays with MSF

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) makes a difference in the world. We too want to make a positive impact and contribute to the health and wellbeing of people all around the world. Therefore, we support MSFs work.

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A paintbrush in use by Colart brand Liquitex

The important role of art during the pandemic

Lindéngruppen company Colart has adapted to the challenges and opportunities created by the Covid-19 pandemic to look after its people, retailers and consumers.

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Alex Begg knitwear garments

Acquisition brings knitting craftmanship to Alex Begg

Lindéngruppen company Alex Begg has bought the trade and assets of world-renowned knitwear producer Scott & Charters, strengthening both companies offer to their customers.

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Christophe Sabas CEO of Beckers Group

Christophe Sabas appointed CEO of Beckers Group

Christophe Sabas is the new CEO at Lindéngruppen company Beckers Group after being acting CEO since June 2020. He tells us about his long career at Beckers, his insights as CEO to date and his future vision for the company.

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Lindéngruppen Global Management Conference 2020

This year’s Global Management Conference was an international virtual summit gathering management teams and boards in the Lindéngruppen companies.

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Two kids sitting at a table playing

Lindéngruppen involved in an ActionLab to launch guidance on children’s rights

Global Child Forum held a Digital ActionLab on 8 October, to launch a business guidance workbook on children’s rights that Lindéngruppen played an active role in developing. Lindéngruppen owner Jenny Lindén Urnes was one of the speakers at the ActionLab.

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Höganäs' Longer Heavier Truck (LHV) truck at the harbor.

Working to reduce transport emissions at Höganäs

Lindéngruppen company Höganäs is proactively working with its partners to reduce the emissions from the transport of its materials and products. Such efforts are part of Höganäs’ Climate Roadmap and its goal to become climate neutral by 2045

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A pile of Begg x Co scarfs

Beyond compliance chemical management at Alex Begg

Alex Begg has stepped up its work to remove chemicals from its supply chain by collaborating with customers and suppliers – to ensure beyond compliance chemical management.

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Photo: Beckers Group

Becoming the world’s most sustainable industrial coatings company – the Beckers way

The Lindéngruppen company Beckers – a leading global supplier of industrial and coil coatings – has embarked on an ambitious sustainability journey by 2030. The recent strategy review resulted in clear focus on three main areas – Products with impact, Operations with impact and People with impact. For each area milestones and targets have been set that will take the company towards its vision of becoming the world’s most sustainable industrial coatings company.

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Björn Haase, Manager Non-metal products at Höganäs AB

How Höganäs contributes towards a more circular society

Höganäs, which is 50 percent owned by Lindéngruppen, contributes toward more circular resource use in society by promoting the use of its residual materials – to create economic value and environmental benefit.

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Lindéngruppen Sustainability Report 2019

Our sustainability report present how we integrate relevant social, environmental and economic priorities into our business and across the companies in our group. 

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Our contribution to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic

Lindéngruppen companies are proactively helping society overcome COVID-19 by manufacturing hand sanitiser, providing knowledge, offering surplus supplies to healthcare and making donations to health charities.

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Strategic collaboration supports Lindéngruppen’s sustainability agenda

Lindéngruppen has a long-term strategic partnership with the Blekinge Institute of Technology (Blekinge Tekniska Högskola – BTH) in southern Sweden that helps drive the company’s sustainability agenda forward.

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Colart product donation initiative

How Colart’s discontinued products is being put to good use

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CapraCare - sustainable sourcing of cashmere

Alex Begg’s ambition has always been to produce garments of the highest quality and the company is proud to meet stringent and demanding standards. But even the best practices can benefit from innovation.

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Photo credit: Fredrik Åkum

Fredrik Åkum receives Beckers Art Award

Artist Fredrik Åkum is the 2020 recipient of the Beckers Art Award. Fredrik was born in 1987 and is based in Gothenburg, where he also graduated from the Valand Academy in 2013.

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