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Staff from the Doctors Without Borders ship MY Phoenix helping migrants in the Mediterranean. © Ikram N'Gadi

Lindéngruppen donates to refugee action

Lindéngruppen has donated SEK 200,000 (€20,000) to help Doctors Without Borders tackle the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East.

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Höganäs's CEO on the power of powder

New Höganäs CEO Melker Jernberg has put sustainability at the heart of his business strategy as the company looks to new technologies to complement its more traditional automotive business.

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Working with youth to combat violence

An outreach programme run by Helsingborgs IF football club and co-funded by Lindéngruppen is encouraging young people to make active choices to avoid being caught up in violence and anti-social behaviour.

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Wood sculptor takes Beckers Award

Swedish wood sculptor Julia Bondesson has been named the recipient of the 2015 Beckers Art Award and is to exhibit her works at a five-week exhibition in Stockholm starting on January 24.

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