AB Wilh. Becker

AB Wilh. Becker is 100% owned by Lindén­gruppen AB. AB Wilh. Becker is the owner of three Group companies – Beckers Group, Colart and Alex Begg.


Lindéngruppen is a family business focusing on sustainable and long-term development of industrial companies.


Beckers Group

Beckers Group is a global industrial coatings company specialising in coil coatings and special coatings. Beckers Group also provides fin­ishes for mobile phones and other electronic devices.



Colart is the global leader in branded artists' colours and fine art materi­als. Colart’s portfolio includes three of the world’s top six artists’ colour brands and serves artists in more than 120 countries.


Alex Begg

Alex Begg is a specialised manufacturer of luxury textiles such as cashmere wraps, scarves, throws and knitwear. The textiles woven and knitted by Alex Begg are sold under the names of some of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands as well as under their own Begg x Co brand.



AB Wilh. Becker
c/o Lindéngruppen AB, Bruksgården
SE-263 83 Höganäs, Sweden

+46 (0)42 33 85 00