Uppstart Helsingborg

Uppstart Helsingborg tackles segregation and social exclusion among young adults by helping them to find work with local businesses in the southern Swedish city of Helsingborg.

Lindéngruppen is a supporter and co-funder of the non-profit organisation, which combats marginalisation by stimulating entrepreneurship and growth through job creation initiatives.

Working closely with the City of Helsingborg, the Swedish Public Employment Office and local businesses, Uppstart Helsingborg works to drive growth and employment opportunities through two parallel programmes.

The Uppsök Helsingborg programme works with people in their 20s who are long-term unemployed, matching them with prospective employers in labour-intensive industries.

Experience in Sweden shows that personal networks are the primary route to finding work. But some young people lack access to family, friends and others in such networks. Uppsök Helsingborg provides an alternative entry point.

Tillväxt Helsingborg is a programme that provides business development support to help small local businesses expand and create employment opportunities.

Participating investors and advisers provide free mentorship and support. Investors may also provide loans or venture capital to help businesses grow.

Launched in June 2014, Uppstart Helsingborg is an offshoot of the highly successful Uppstart Malmö. Its goal was to help 300 people into employment within three years, a goal which was exceeded already during the first two years. A new goal has been set to have helped 1000 people into employment by 2020.

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